How To Organize Your Loops

Making Dub step tracks is fun and allows you to really run wild with your creativity. However, it’s hard to take the hundreds or even thousands of different loops, beats, and sounds you acquire making your songs and properly organize them. You need to separate your stuff into different libraries that will make them easier to find. A good organization of your sounds will allow your creativity and track creation to reach new heights. Lets check out some techniques that will help you use more sounds.

The best way to do this is choose your loops that are higher register, lower register, and your funny(different) ones. If you have a lot of funny loops. (voices, birds etc) maybe put all the bird ones in one file, and all the voice ones in another file. Keep doing this until you have separated everything into opposite files and they are easy to find. The next thing to do with the files is take them and organize them into most used to least used. This is important for a few reasons. first, this allows you to grab your most commonly used loops: hi hats, drum kicks etc quickly. This will also let you know where to go if you want to get creative: just scroll down! there will be all the stuff you rarely or never use. Imagine the possibilities of creating library like this: you can now open up your file browser, have your most commonly used loops in the top of each folder, and the least commonly used ones in the abyss, where you can dig from for inspiration. the speed of your track creation and the fluidity of adding and creating loops will skyrocket. Imagine how bad ass loops could be if everyone did this!

Sometimes, its good to just create things form scratch as well. Create a folder with funny sounds that yourself have recorded. record a toilet flushing, dings on pots and pans, a car starting, you burning out in your civic, whatever. These are the sounds that will sound original in your loops, and not only that, but a little modulation can take just about any sound and make it into a complete whirlwind of crazy noise, which will make you create something that nobody else could possibly have, because its your loop!!!!!

Use old cds in your house, if your mother listens to a lot of Bach, or classical, check the copyright dates, and create a new folder that has just CD libraries of stuff that’s in the public domain. These can create a whole other venue of things you can draw from. Use these things to create a whole list of new ideas and songs and loops. for instance, pull apart on Bach song, and you have different notes, keys and intonation from 4- 100 different instruments. These instruments can be modulated, slowed down, sped up, pitch modulated etc to create yet MORE unique sounds.

Do the same thing with the more stuff that’s just…….. like your moms car versus your dads car revving in the drive way, or your dog barking. These are all sounds that can be bass dropped, heightened in pitch, slowed down, anything! There are so many possibilities that you could continue to do this forever.

The most important part is organizing, when you organize these things properly, you will create a system that will let you delve into not only your music library properly, but delve into your own creative mind to create completely new musical ideas that nobody else has ever thought of. Imagine being able to throw down your favorite bass and hi hat loop instantly, then just messing around with adding new crazy sounds you found around the house. You would be able to create music that nobody has ever heard before. The music would be intense, crazy, and something that would surprise even you. Creation of music in this nature is what will take a genre like dub step and push it for the stars!


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